We are a not for profit regional organisation that works with the retail community, police and crime prevention agencies to help tackle retail crime in the North East. We are managed by registered charity Northumbria Coalition Against Crime.

By providing specialised regional and local services aimed at preventing prolific, organised and travelling offenders targeting the region, we protect the safety of staff and customers as well as  profits, supporting economic growth. 

We operate by using offender led intelligence and identify an individual’s motivation to commit crime, which in many cases involves drug and alcohol abuse. By looking at an offender’s profile we can predict future patterns of offending and forewarn members of associated risks.

We see prevention as the main remedy for retail crime and run tailored initiatives and campaigns aimed at targeting trending issues and future criminality. Members have access to training and other education material designed to help them deter crime. We also work in partnership to educate and deter young people from crime, investing in their futures.

Who is involved?

We share information with over 2000 retail businesses in the region including national retailers, independent retailers, shopping centres, retail parks and link into local authorities and BIDs.  

We work alongside our region’s 3 police forces Northumbria, Durham, and Cleveland, linking into police intelligence units to tackle force wide and cross border criminality and with neighbourhood policing teams to disrupt activity at a local level.

We support and share information with all locally operating retail crime schemes in the North East.

We also work with our sister Youth & Community Programme to ensure a holistic approach is taken when tackling retail crime.



Intelligence Hub

Giving members access to local crime updates including local, regional and national threats

Education Hub

Giving members access to training and crime prevention initiatives to build knowledge


All members can access our Helpdesk with a 24 hour turn around

Shopwatch Hub

We build consistent services and financial sustainability of local schemes

Police Liaison

Providing local and regional police liaison, linking directing into police strategic priorities

Low Cost

Highly effective service at a low cost, showing a true return on investment