The NERCP offer many beneficial services which include intelligence, training, advice & support all in a bid to reduce stock loss, increase business profits and safeguarding people.

Rogues Gallery

The NERCP gallery is an excellent resource providing members with up to date images of active known offenders so you know who to watch out for.

ID Sought

If members need an identification of an unknown offender they can add the details to our ID sought gallery which is accesses by over 50 police departments and over 2000 retailers.

Information requests

Members can request offender information from our helpdesk for the purposes of crime prevention including civil recovery and exclusions.


Our specialised Retail Crime Awareness Training is designed to improve the education of shop staff so they know what behaviour and methods to watch out for.

Crime Prevention Advice

With our up to date information about different crime trends affecting the retail community, stores can prepare for threats against stock, staff and customers.

Regular Area Meetings

By attending our regular area meetings members have the opportunity to network with other retailers, share information about offenders, hot spots and crime trends.

NERCP Forums

By linking in to our forums members can problem solve with police for local and regional issues and share best practise with other retailers

Safe & Secure

Using progressive technology and up to date software members have a safe and secure platform from targeted crime can be prevented.

Advice and support

The NERCP offer support to all members about how to use the service as well as advice about retail crime prevention