Having worked with the NERCP team since it started, this been in my previous role as a store manager, through to my current role as a Profit Protection Manager (PPM), I could not recommend the services of the scheme high enough.

From a store point of view, the clarity of the information they receive is timely, and easy enough for all levels of store teams to understand. If communicated well to stores by the relevant managers, I know from a personal point of view how valuable the information can be; this relates to the identifying of offenders and training tools that are available.

From a PPM perspective, the NERCP have been invaluable in supporting me in my current role; this covers all aspects of identifying offenders, intelligence regarding offenders, and everything between. It wouldn’t have been possible to have solved some of the incidents in our stores without the NERCP’s help.

The NERCP have also enable me (and I’m sure many others) to build networking relationships within the region via the organised meetings; another great tool for helping to reduce crime for our stores.

On a personal note, the full team are always happy to assist with any queries I have, or will point me in the right direction of who to contact for particular incidents, nothing seems too much trouble.

Gaynor Stevens – New Look, Profit Protection Manager

I am an active proponent of the North East Retail Crime Partnership with whom we share a progressive, proactive and productive partnership.

As a Neighbourhood Sergeant dealing with the daily challenges associated with policing the largest ‘out of town’ shopping complex in Europe, I value the contribution and support NERCP provide to both partners agencies and the business community within our region.

They are a trustworthy point of reference for advice on business crime related issues and can be relied upon to provide support in terms of intelligence sharing, identification, networking and crime prevention strategies.

Sarah and her team are always ‘on point’ and their determination to make a difference has been evident in every occasion I have dealt with them.

I wholeheartedly recommend the North East Retail Crime Partnership and the services they provide.

Silvo Recchia – Sergeant at Metro Centre, Northumbria Police

The NERCP is a great resource to provide additional professional support in tackling crime in our stores and communities. It assists in developing relationships with influential contacts in Police forces across the North ensuring that the Retailers perspective is considered when Policing decisions are made. Store management find the bulletins useful in ensuring all colleagues are aware of prolific offenders and their methods. I have found the NERCP very supportive in helping to resolve particularly contentious local issues when additional Police focus is needed. The move into the co-ordination and management of local schemes can only enhance the reactive capability of the Partnership providing further benefit to Retailers.

Sean King – Co-op, Regional Risk Manager

The NERCP is a vital part of my role as a store detective and has helped me gain the knowledge of local and national offender. Many of these offenders I have dealt with because I was forewarned via the NERCP website and knew I was to seek out these individuals within my area. I also have provided Lee from the team with many offender profiles which were going under the radar until they were passed out via the NERCP. I strongly believe that the NERCP play a key role in the fight against retail crime and more retailers should become members and help provide intelligence.

Melanie Sargent - VSG Store Detective

My dealings with NERCP have been nothing but positive they are a very professional team and are always available for help and advice. I have now personally set up two Shopwatch Schemes in Morpeth and Cramlington and their help and support in doing this has been invaluable.

I believe we have a very good working relationship with the NERCP and the two way information sharing has led to unknown shoplifters being identified and positively dealt with. This would have proved very difficult to detect without the help from NERC.  I personally am very grateful to the NERCP for all of their help and support and with the continual constraints on the Police force our relationship will provide even more invaluable in the future.

Paul Moorhead – PCSO, Northumbria Police

We have been part of the NERCP for a few years now and find it of great benefit to both ourselves and the stores within our centre.

 The regular alerts we receive enable us to be pro active in spotting and preventing incidents. The newsletters that we receive are also imperative to informing us of the latest MO of regional and local groups or individuals. We work closely with other stores who are members of the NERCP so the information sharing is a great asset. Here at the centre we have also taken part in various training sessions provided by the NERCP, such as project Griffin and retail crime awareness training.

Gemma Stokoe – Security Supervisor, Byron Place

As an International retail company based in the North East we pride ourselves on our values and culture, working with local business and services is a key part of our business.

In today’s climate it is important we have working partners to support each other hosting our customers and neighbours ensuring a safe and secure environment for all.

The NERCP offer a link between other retailers and the local authorities – police.

The information sharing and website is invaluable in deterring criminal activity and awareness of what is happening in the area.

As an organisation they offer various training opportunities which we have used with great effect and success.

I have been able to support with various initiatives and campaigns which have brought me great satisfaction personally and reward as a business as we have supported the local community and individuals.

The NERCP most importantly are the link in bringing all major parties to the table, being impartial in business strategy but offering support- advice and understanding of legal obligations and policies.


Stephen Faddy – Risk and Compliance Manager, IKEA