The Association of Shopwatch Partnerships North East (ASP-NE) was set-up in 2004 by NERCP, to act as a central hub for all North East Shopwatch schemes. ASP-NE advises schemes regarding best practise and legal requirements whilst gathering intellignce to assist the NERCP in identifying  travelling/cross border offenders, in order to build a substantial profile on any team or individual.


Benefits of Shopwatch Membership

  • Local support network within your specific area
  • Local and Regional Intelligence Sharing
  • Invitations to regular meetings to discuss issues your business has
  • Input into excluded offenders and appropriate actions


See below to find out when your local Shopwatch meeting is next on:







Bishop Auckland    TBC 2:30pm Top Floor Beales Department Store
Durham City 1st Feb 12:30am  
Galleries Washington    11th Jan 1pm

Outfit - Retail Park

    2:30pm Galleries Management Suite

Gateshead Town

31st Jan         

10:30am Trinity Management Suite
Guisborough            TBC 11am Dorothy Perkins
Hartlepool   10am Middleton Grange Management Suite
Metro Centre 14th Feb 2.30pm Management Suite
Middlesbrough               9th Jan 10am       Hill Street Conference Room
Morpeth 28th Mar 2pm Sanderson Arcade Management Suite
Redcar 15th Feb 11am Morrisons
Peterlee TBC         
Skippers Lane              15th Feb         1pm B&Q
Stockton 16th Jan 11am B&M
Sunderland City Centre 6th Feb 9.30am Wilko
Teesside Retail Park 23rd Jan 2pm  
West Auckland 7th Feb 1pm Sainsbury's

*Please note all meetings are subject to change and if you are planning to attend, please contact the NERCP or Shopwatch co-ordinator for final confirmation.